Monday, February 17, 2014

I don't usually have a problem with Mondays but man, this one was great. I haven't seen sun in 3 months (I shit you not) and today, I woke up to an extremely bright room filled with sunshine. Birds were singing and all that shit too; it was magical. It was a bit warmer too, but I'm too scared of the cold so I go with warm clothes until like ... mid May. I think the best solution to looking decent when it's cold outside is to wear as many layers as possible. 

Checkered Shirt - BSB Jeans INC.
Leather Vest - Gina Tricot 
Coat - Zara
Jeans - Levi's
Ankle Boots - Hilfiger 
Bag - Zara
Scarf - Indiska 
Sun Glasses - Ray Ban

As I always say - It's in the details. Studded sleeves on the Zara khaki coat. Small studs on the shirt as well. There's a little geeky attitude to buttoning up the shirt all the way, and today felt like the right day for that. 

I reaaaaally love these kind of boots, I have a few too many pairs that are in this style.. Oh well. They're not even that expensive considering the brand, and they are REALLY good quality. 
 I didn't actually have to use the gloves today but just in case you want something really nice, kind of warm and of average quality, get the Massimo Dutti leather gloves. 

A little, useless post: absolutely love this color, it's like a very natural pink with a peachy hue. Ahhh, it's so nice and discreet and pretty. Only paid 10kr (i think that's about 1 euro) for it from H&M from the kid's section hehe. Believe it or not, it stays on for a whole week. 

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