Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The world's gone mad, sweet mamma, they're having a party on Monday! 
Graduation parties are always held during the week here...and in the beginning of the week, since people can't afford renting a club on Friday/Saturday. I just love the season of graduation parties. Never the less, it's mad to think you can wear a dress or skirt in March here, so I had to go with pants :( 
I've never come up with an outfit so quick in my life, but I think it turned out pretty damn nice. Of course, I had a bag with my converse in there because naturally, heels are meant to be stood on, not walked on. 
Just a casual black&white outfit with a splash of color and no jewelry. Minimal.

Shirt - ZARA
Pants - H&M
Shoes - River Island

Pretty obvious why jewelry wasn't necessary. I love that this shirt gives an impression of layers.

Okay, just a little jewelry..

Ah, look at these babies. Honestly, I almost flipped the fuck out last night and killed a bitch when she stepped on them. Do not mess with a woman's shoes. Especially heels.
I think they're a perfect hight, they're tall enough to not have that old fashioned '60s look, but I'm 175cm so I can't afford too high heels either or I'll be taller than most guys (where did the big-boy vikings go?! swedes are tiny nowadays). Love these shoes.

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