Tuesday, March 25, 2014


I don't think I've worn such a teenage-looking outfit in a pretty long time, but I really felt it was time to inaugurate my new shirt hihi. My classmates were teasing me for my very #yolo#swag shirt because it says TEAM WTF.. I didn't even notice when I bought it, I swear! 
I thought it might be nice to mix things up with this outfit and have the sporty shirt with the fancy, suede heels. Did it work? God, I'm such a rebel.

Shirt - MTWTFSS Weekdays
Jeans - New Yorker
Shoes - Vagabond 
Necklace - ZARA

What the hell am I even looking at? I wasn't prepared for the shot, but it turned out pretty nice!

Cutest bracelet from MTWTFSS Weekday.

It really wasn't warm enough for just wearing a shirt, but since my shirt turned out to be so swaggy, I though I might take the pictures without a jake because yolo.

Really nice suede shoes I have had for quite a long time. Never though I'd end up liking this mustard color..

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