Monday, March 24, 2014

Honestly, I just don't understand why people hate this day. Most of all, to me it makes no sense when people are tired on Mondays, as if they didn't have the whole weekend to sleep or whatever. It's just so irritating to go to school and hear 100 times how tired people are. Clearly, you are doing something wrong if you're tired on Mondays. Anyway, I got my graduation package today, with my hat, glass, pen and gloves! It sounds really random but it will be so nice to put them all to use! 

Fancy shmancy box. I don't want to show you what the hat looks like just yet, you will see it once I've graduated hihi. 
Anyway, I spent today mostly chilling, it wasn't a very busy day. Just relaxed with a few ELLE magazines, good music and some blogging, all while surrounded by pillows <3

I have had this perfume for maybe two years. I used to only wear it in the winter because I found it too sweet for summer, it was just a bit too much. Last weekend though, someone at a bar complimented me on how I smell (lol) so I started wearing it a bit more often and .. the more you wear it, the more you love it. I think this perfume is good if you want an expensive brand but you can't afford to buy a new one every month, because it's SO strong that 2 puffs will last for the entire day. Definitely recommend this one. Have a good one!

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