Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Hey Everybody!
I'm sorry it's been FOREVER since I posted but I got so busy towards the start of the holiday because obviously ALL tests and exams and essay are due a day before the holiday. During the holiday I just chilled at my grandparents' house where I didn't have all my very fashionable clothes but now I'm back, the weather is nice and the posts will start coming. Thank the universe spring is here..  I almost forgot to tell you that while I was at the airport waiting for a connecting flight, my luggage got broken into and they stole all of my jewelry and my Ray Bans. Very nice. Had they had the smallest insight into brands, they would've taken the DKNY bag that was worth a lot more than the jewelry and glasses put together. Oh well.... no jewelry for a while.
Hope everyone had a wonderful break and I do hope you all stick around for the good stuff!

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